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EGTF Masters Course

6 – 11 August 2012

It was a pleasure to have EGTF Professionals Jeff Hatton and Robert Mummery on the recent Masters Course at Darenth Valley GC in Shoreham, Kent. 

Some excellent work was conducted by both members during the week which made for a great learning environment.  Good playing standards, coupled with good teaching standards makes my job as an instructor very pleasant indeed.   Both Jeff and Robert achieved high marks in passing and I wish them both well in the future.  Armed with more knowledge and a better understanding of the important topics, you can only be a better coach.

L – R: Jeff Hatton, Bill Abbott, Robert Mummery

There are still places available for the Masters Course at Oliva Nova Resort, Spain from 26 November – 1 December 2012

EGTF Masters Course 13 – 18 June 2011 Germany

Op de Niep Golf Club, Dusseldorf, Germany

I have just finished our latest Masters course in Dussledorf, Germany and it was great to see members coming back and wanting to learn some new skills and develop their teaching programmes.

These courses are always excellent and I can get to see how people have progressed since taking their original EGTF course.

We had five students keen to learn, and the weather was just about in our favour during the week, which is obviously a bonus.

The seminars, range work and playing tests were all conducted well, with only one member not passing the playing ability test, due to some injuries sustained before the course began.

We covered some important topics, that I feel are necessary as you start to move to the next level as a coach, including:

  • Customer service and marketing
  • Advanced coaching lessons
  • Body balance in the golf swing using Sam balance lab
  • Cause and effect video analysis using Quintic video analysis and Casio high speed cameras
  • Putting biomechanics – using high speed video cameras
  • Advanced short game techniques – using the short game handicap test and Pelz finesse swing system
  • Performance coaching – looking into the psychology of playing to your potential
  • The magic machine – studying body types and what they are capable of (endomorphs, mesomorphs and ectomorphs !!!)
  • Masters playing and skills tests

Thanks to everyone who attended the Masters course, and also to Bob Lamb EGTF teaching professional who works at Op De Niep Golf Club, for all his help during my stay.

Have a look at the website to see if you can fit in some CPD work this year, it can only make you a better teacher.

Bill Abbott

Body Balance using the Sam Balance Lab


Masters June 2011

Sam Balance Lab photo 1

Masters June 2011

Sam Balance Lab photo 2


Short Game Handicap Test

Masters June 2011

Short Game Handicap Test


Masters Putting Lesson


Masters June 2011
Masters Putting Lesson photo 1



Masters June 2011

Masters Putting Lesson photo 2




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