What is the difference between the EGTF and the PGA?

  • The EGTF and the PGA are two separate companies involved in golf. The EGTF are specialists in the field of golf teaching.

Are you part of the PGA? Are you recognised by the PGA?

  • The EGTF Course is recognised by a nationally recognised Awarding Organisation in the UK.  We are a business, and the PGA are a separate business. It is not up to either party to recognise one another, nor are we, or they entitled to suggest it is their position to recognise the other. That is like asking if McDonald’s recognise Burger King.

What are the advantages of joining the EGTF over the PGA?

  • The Course delivers accelerated teaching methods, enabling students to use the skills immediately upon completion.  Our world famous teaching techniques can help develop your business at a much faster rate.

How easy is it to find work on completion of the course, and where are you likely to find work?

  • Obviously it is the same when looking for any job; a lot of it comes down to yourself, your commitments and your ability/desire to work anywhere.
  • We receive many job opportunities throughout the year from the UK and abroad.

How will my Amateur status be affected if I complete the course, and when I start teaching?

  • Your amateur status is not affected simply by successfully completing the course. You only lose your amateur status when you start to receive payment for giving lessons.

Will I receive free green fees at golf courses in Europe?

  • Many of the golf courses in Britain and Europe extend courtesy of the course to our members when they achieve their Teaching Professional qualification. This decision is however, purely at their discretion.

What can I do to prepare for the course?

  • Practice on your own game.
  • Come with an open and inquiring mind to receive new ideas.

What if I fail the teaching side, or another part of it? Can I re-sit the exam?

  • If you fail the Playing Ability Test, but successfully pass the other aspects, you do not automatically fail. You have one year to pass the PAT, which can be done with an existing EGTF member or in a club competition, with signatures on the card from your playing partner and the club secretary. Your score must be no more than eleven over par, playing from the competition tees.

How much does it cost? What does the course entail?

  • The cost is £1,495* and includes EGTF membership up to the end of the year that you do the Diploma Course.
  • The course involves Completion of a Workbook, Playing Ability Test, Skills Test, Rules Test and a Practical Teaching Test. The Playing Ability Test you will need to achieve 83 on a 72-par course. The main requirement however is that you are able to demonstrate shots with confidence.

Is there a handicap or age limit?

  • There is no handicap or age limit for the diploma courses.

What topics are covered by the course?

  • Teaching Total Beginners
  • Teaching Positions
  • Grip & Set up
  • Back-swing, Forward-swing & Follow through
  • Putting, Chipping, Pitching & Sand Play
  • Principles of Teaching
  • The Psychology of Teaching (How People Learn)
  • Ball Flight Laws
  • Junior golf
  • Teaching Ladies, Seniors and Left-handers
  • Swing plane
  • Video
  • Common Faults & Solutions
  • Club Fitting
  • First aid

Once I qualify are there any tours or EGTF competitions I can play in?

  • The EPD tour is available to EGTF members, which is recognised as one of the best development tours in Europe, providing golf professionals the chance to work on their game and enjoy the competitive tour environment. For further information on the EPD please visit their website: www.epdtour.org
  • New Seniors Tour  www.d-siga.com
  • European Seniors Challenge Tour  www.senior-golftour-europe.com
  • New English Tour  www.englishtour.co.uk

May I have the manual sent to me before I take the course?

  • Sorry, No. The reason for this is because we want you to attend the course with a completely “blank page” in your brain. We will fill that page in a very special way. If you tried to study the manual without actually taking the course, you would find it overwhelming and probably impossible to take in.

Refund Policy: 

Cancellation 8 weeks before the course start date entitles you to a full refund.

8 weeks or more- No Charge

8-4 weeks- Loss of 25% of total amount paid.

4-1 week-   Loss of 50% of total amount paid.

1 week or less will result in a loss of 100% of payment.

We will however reserve your £350 deposit to be used on a course of your choice at a later date.

The refund policy is set up this way as it can be difficult to fill any last minute cancellations. Thank you for your understanding.

Please do contact us for any further information on this matter.

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