Golf is a game played by millions, enjoyed by most, yet only mastered by a few. Golf, in theory is simple, however in practice becomes the very opposite.

In theory, it involves striking a ball around a large field, trying to get it into a designated hole in as few strokes as possible. Easy some might think! However, in practice, as with so many things in life, this is not the case. When you consider all of the different aspects that constitute golf, it is little wonder that it is such a difficult game to conquer.

Some of the major elements essential to golf are: the human anatomy, psychology, training and practice, equipment, course management, agronomy, and course architecture, then there is that often talked about topic, entitled:

Swing Technique

These are some of the reasons why teaching the game of golf is a neverending learning curve. Armed with an open and receptive mind the teacher is equipped with the essential tools to achieve results that reward not only the pupil but the teachers themselves. The purpose of our courses is to give the teacher a greater knowledge of the subject helping to make the teaching/learning environment and experience more productive and enjoyable.

Our EGTF diploma course’s deal primarily with golf instruction, to include: Teaching Total Beginners, Teaching Positions, Grip, Set Up, Backswing, Forwardswing, Putting, Chipping & Pitching, Sand Play, Principles of Teaching, The Psychology of Teaching (How people learn), Ball Flight Laws, Junior Golf, Swing plane, Video analysis, Common Faults & Solutions, Club Fitting and First Aid.

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