EGTF – A Different Dimension

A refreshing review from a member of the public, Sara Woodward

Discovering the EGTF website was like finding someone had opened the locker room door, blown away all the cob webs and let light shine into the dark corners of the game of golf.  I speak from the experience of a golfer who has probably taken a path similar to thousands of other golfers.  My knowledge and experience of the game has been hard won, with many knocks along the way.

I have stumbled across Pro’s who have a gift of teaching and imparting knowledge.    Pro’s who understand the addiction of the dimpled ball addict and who are only too ready to lead their students to the nirvana of a perfect swing.

However, there are too many Pro’s out there on the practice ground or driving range who hate the thought of getting out of bed for another day with the hooker, the slicer, the shanker.  For them there is no way out.  Just the relentless grind of another day.  Another punter.  Another pay cheque.  They run through the same tired script, leaning on their seven iron and dreaming of sunshine and a palm fringed beach. Bored.  Bored. Bored.

But these Pro’s should lean on their seven irons with great care, because there is a wind of change blowing and golfers are beginning to realize that there is another route to the fairways.

The European Golf Teaching Federation has tapped into a reservoir of talent which has been denied entry by the arcane rules of the PGA.  The door should not be closed when someone reaches the age of twenty seven or who did not have the opportunity to spend three years qualifying as a Golf Professional.    The EGTF has the foresight to understand that teaching is a gift and there is more than one route to passing on knowledge about how to play the game of golf.

They embrace anyone who has an obvious aptitude for golf and has a desire to teach the game.  Such is the enthusiasm and passion of EGTF members, they will not rank along the bored, tired Golf Pro, dreaming of a palm fringed beach.  Their enjoyment will be found in encouraging their pupils and students.  Not just those who are scratch or potential super stars.  They know that only five percent of golfers are destined to play to single figures.  Their aim is also to encourage the 95% to be better.  To aim higher. To shoot lower.

What tumbles from the Members’ webpage of the EGTF is enthusiasm.  A fresh, honest approach to the game.  Personally, I cannot wait to find a local teacher who genuinely wants to get to the practice ground.  It is time the game of golf took a long hard look at itself and its congregation of golfers.

EGTF.  Your time has come to shine that light and blow away the cobwebs……

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