Shot and Club Selection

Much attention is given to the technical aspects of playing golf and the equipment used.

Having the best driver, irons and putter for your style of play is important.

Knowing how to swing each club and making a great contact is also key if you want to play well.

However, one aspect of playing golf which is often overlooked, especially at beginner and amateur

level, is shot and club selection.

Knowing what shot to play and which club to use during a round of golf WILL lower your score.

Perhaps the best place to begin is with shot selection. It is tempting to try something different, be bold and hit shots with a high risk/reward value.

However, what if you played only the type of shots

you are comfortable with playing?

You may be left with a very tricky shot and a style of shot you rarely play if you want to reach the

green in two. The chances of you making the shot are slim. Why not play a shot you are

comfortable with and attack the green from a better position on the following shot? Sure, it will not

be spectacular and you may not make the birdie you are always dreaming of but you will not drop

shots either.

Looking at a scorecard and seeing solid, consistent golf is better than seeing one or two great holes

and a handful of awful scores which have destroyed your card.

Always know where the danger area is on each hole before you play the tee shot. Sometimes this

will be a large bunker or lake but it is not always that obvious. There could be a large mound on the

fairway and if your ball finishes the wrong side of that mound, you are left with a tough blind second


When looking at the scorecard, problems like this are not obvious, if possible study the course online

before playing. This will help you have a plan in mind for each hole before you arrive at the golf

course. This is not only a great strategy but it helps to improve confidence.

Knowing how far you can hit the ball with each club is vital. If you are playing a shot over a bunker

or water to the green, you need to feel confident the club you are using is going to get the job done.

Take time at the practice range to hit each club and make a note of how far you can hit the ball

consistently with each of them.

When you are on the golf course, you can take a look at the yardage and know immediately which

club you can use to hit the ball the desired distance. Again, this helps enormously to improve

confidence with every shot you play. Happy Golfing ⛳️?️‍♂️?️‍♀️⛳️ 

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