EGTF Golf Society Week – Thailand 2011

The EGTF Golf Society week held in the beautiful seaside resort of Hua Hin, Thailand was a great success.  It brought together EGTF members and their friends for 8 days of golf.  We were fortunate that despite the problems that the people of Bangkok were suffering with the floods, we never had any rain when playing and temperatures ranged between hot and really hot!

Group 1 Palm Hills

We played a friendly roll up competition each day, with everyone (pro’s and amateurs) playing in the same tournament, where you could play as much or as little as you wanted.

This year we played 3 golf courses, Black Mountain (rated the best new course in Asia), Palm Hills (only Augusta National has quicker or slopier greens!) and Royal Hua Hin (the oldest golf course in Thailand).  All courses were doing some good rates and the cost was around £40 each day for golf, caddie and buggy, which was excellent value.

Black Mountain GC

The days were played in good spirit, with plenty of banter going around as this trip was designed as a fun, social event.  But as we were all very competitive when it comes to golf, people were going to bed early some nights to prepare for the next day’s golf activities (as can be seen by the results table!)

EGTF teaching professional Pete Stopford - Black Mountain

Hua Hin is a beautiful place for a golf trip with some excellent golf courses around, and beautiful town and beach areas for those looking to relax as well.  The weather is always hot and for some that is a bit of a problem, but if you are looking at the grey skies outside and wishing you were somewhere else, then have a think about the EGTF Golf Society trip to Thailand next year.  It really is very good.

Results for the Week




Day 1 – Palm Hills – Bill Abbott
Day 2 – Black Mountain – Bill Abbott 34 74
Day 3 – Royal Hua Hin – Mick Edwards (amateur) 31  
Day 4 – Palm Hills – Bill Abbott 34 74
Day 5 – Black Mountain – Mick Edwards (amateur) 31  
Day 6 – Royal Hua Hin – Bill Abbott 35 73
Day 7 – Black Mountain – Bill Abbott 32 76
Day 8 – Palm Hills – Steve Lynch (amateur) 33  

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