Feedback from our Members – CPD Days, Darenth Valley GC, Kent 10 – 11 September 2012

EGTF Master Professional Paul Daykin, a long time member of the EGTF, had this to say about the recent CPD Seminar:

I first met Bill Abbott on my diploma course at Oliva Nova GC in Spain in 2005 where he was the lead instructor and to be perfectly frank I initially greeted a lot of his methodology with sceptism.  Prior to the course I had been a County Player, a Club Champion in 4 different decades and scratch golfer for nearly 30 years… so what the hell was all this mirror-image teaching about ? 

However after a couple of days of the course I realised how little I really knew about teaching the game and from that point I became a convert to Bill’s approach to coaching golf.  His methods are supported by an incredible knowledge not only the game of golf but also as to how to deliver professional coaching.  I have been fortunate to have enjoyed many more days in Bill’s company and took the Masters course within months of the diploma.  I followed the Master’s with a succession of CPD courses with the most recent being at Bill’s Teaching Academy at Darenth Valley GC in Kent , on Monday 10th September 2012.

The Putting Biomechanics course was, as with all Bill’s courses, extremely well researched and presented and contained a lot of the very latest information. For me personally the day was particularly useful as it offered an insight into the most up to date putting technology and a variety of practical teaching applications.  The ‘slo-mo’ analysis and classroom feedback was again fascinating and provided an in-depth look at not only my own putting stroke but the opportunity to analyse others.  Bill even managed to find time over lunch to re-grip and re-weight two putters I had brought along with a couple of new-style grips and the modified putters have created a renewed interest in putting from my pupils and visitors to the Open Day at my home club this weekend.

So what do you get from a CPD course with Bill Abbott ? Great information in an easy-to-understand format with thorough attention to detail, presented with a keen sense of humour and a totally professional approach and with the additional bonus of an insight into the latest technology in the area the course addresses.

In simplest terms there is a quote about teaching that can sum up my personal experience of Bill’s CPD days and his approach to teaching golf:

” A great teacher is the one who suggests rather than dictates and inspires his pupil with the wish to teach himself” 

That is exactly what Bill does, so if you get a chance to attend one of his courses you owe it to yourself as a ‘teaching professional’ to learn from the best.

EGTF Professional Mike Graf, a new EGTF member this year, also attended the two CPD Seminars and had this to say about the days:

Having done the Diploma course in July I recently completed 2 consecutive days with Bill on “Putting Biomechanics” &” Video Analysis Cause & Effect Teaching”.

They were excellent days not only because it was still fresh for me but more importantly it offered a dramatic insight into my own game and the power of video analysis as a coach.   Both days I was with much more experienced people who already use these techniques both in golf and in other sports. I’m certain though they were equally impressed by what Bill offered us.  Without doubt these development days at whatever stage you are at enhance your capability as a player and coach.  There is always something new to learn and or create that “lightbulb” moment.

On top of all that, great value for money but don’t all rush at once as I did enjoy the almost one to one opportunity! I was just surprised not to find more of you there.

The CPD days are for the benefit of the EGTF members and I will be putting on more days next year to help people gain a better knowledge in coaching techniques for themselves and their students.

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