Golf Handicaps For Your Students

EGTF Golf Handicaps

Have your students got a golf handicap? Would they like one? If so read on….

Have you got students that are not members of Golf Clubs but would like the opportunity to track their handicap as they improve?  If so, then we can help.

If they can provide us with two score cards from an official competition, a Society Golf Day or a round played with a Professional, and they are signed and verified as correct, we will work out a playing handicap for them.

They will receive a handicap certificate card with their details on and present playing handicap, that can be taken with them to Golf Days and holiday destinations all over the world.

Everyone will be entitled to one handicap revision per year, included in the fee.  Any other revisions will be charged accordingly.  This will mean that your students will be able to track their golf progress during the year, without having to be a member of a Golf Club.

Cost per year – £30.00 (includes card and handicap tracking, and revision)

This service is free to EGTF Professionals who wish to track their own playing standard and will be accepted into the new EGTF members’ section of our Tournaments.

Contact us at for an application form or check out the website

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