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These are two quotes from a book by Chris Riddoch `The Golf Swing`.

Pressure doesn´t cause a bad shots by distracting us, it does so by tempting us to apply too much control. A golf swing under pressure looks ´steery´because the player is trying to steer the ball carefully, searching for extra control. The swing looks- and is- slower and more deliberate than usual. The player is once again thinking through the movements, running off components separately. The swing has become more beginner-like, it is been de-automated.

We should consider many things before we change our golf swings, because the process of making permanent changes to automated swing routines is measured not in hours, weeks or months, but years. For most of us, it is normally better to practise with our swing, rather than continually change our swing.

So let us put this into plain words: Every time we think about our swing on the golf course it becomes beginner like, and to change our swing will take hours and hours of practice and will take years to become automatic. I will not bore you at the moment with all the science behind these quotes. We can discuss all of the facts later in our seminars.

Let us now take the normal everyday golf lesson that happens in golf clubs and driving ranges all over the world.

Mr. Club Player has decided to take a golf lesson with his local Pro. He turns up at the lesson and the Pro asks him what he can do for him today. They talk about his situation and Mr. Club Player starts to hit some balls. The Pro starts to film Mr. CP swing or just takes a look at him hitting balls. After a few shots the Pro will show him his swing or talk to him about what he has observed. They will talk about the changes and new positions or actions that the Pro thinks will help make his swing better.

Mr.CP will start hitting more balls and the Pro will give him some advice and drills so that he can start learning the new positions. After the lesson is over Mr.CP will pay the lesson and has now the advice that he thinks he needs to improve.

Now what most of the players do not understand is that to make these changes automatic it will take ages, Mr.CP is a working man and only has time to play golf maybe once a week and if his wife  allows him , he can play on the weekends with his friends.

After the lesson he understand the changes that he has to make and when he is on the golf course the next time with his friend he will think about the new positions and try and improve his swing.

We know that that will be a disaster!!!! Mr.CP has been playing golf for 10 years now, and all his experience that he has gained and the practiced that he has put into becoming an 18HCp is at that moment lost. He is now in a beginner stage of trying to control his swing with his thoughts and everything just falls apart. He will never blame the Pro, he will probably think that he is too stupid to do that what the Pro told him to change.

After the game he may think that the next time he is at the golf club maybe he should hit a few balls on the range before going out on the course. Maybe that will be better. We all know what happens!!!

Over the last 2 years I have been listening and speaking to lots of clever people and we at UNIVEGO have developed a way to simplify the art of how Humans learn a motor skill, and more important how to transfer these skills to the golf course. We make it understandable that it is impossible to use technical thoughts about our swings and think that it will help us improve our games. We have developed a method that makes it simple to transfer all those hours of practice from the driving range to the golf course.

We can help players like Mr.CP understand how important it is to think correctly and use the right thoughts to have more fun and achieve better results on the course. This knowledge that we have gained is also valid for many Professional who are trying to make their living with golf. If you are still have swing thoughts while hitting the golf ball on the golf course you have to come and see us as soon as possible!!!!!!

The information that the Pros give in their lessons maybe correct, but Mr.CP has to understand how and when to apply that information and how his thoughts and feelings effect the final outcome.

That is our job at UNIVEGO. We are the next step in the development of playing better golf and having more fun. Univego is the missing link between skill development and reaching your true potential. As we say: Just UNIVEGO it!!!!

The big problem with today’s golf swing is- it is too big a problem.

Only a brave coach ignore a teaching strategy that is more effective and more acceptable to pupils.

Do not miss this great opportunity of becoming a better Golf Coach and to be the best that you can be in your lesson.  I will be working with the EGTF later this year to bring you a CPD Day in Spain.

This information you really need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you

Nigel Elder

EGTF Master Teaching Professional

Univego Coach

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