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Peter Ledwidge

[box] This edition we are profiling EGTF Master Professional, Peter Ledwidge who is also a European Tour Coach (www.mallorcagolfacademy.com)  [/box]

I was born in Falkirk, Scotland in 1966 and my sport was always snooker.  Not good enough to turn professional when I left college with an HND in Mechanical Engineering, I went to work on a commission only basis, in direct sales, selling and training sales people.

I continued to play snooker semi-pro until moving to Mallorca in 1996 with my wife Linda and three children.  We opened a bar/bookmakers in Santa Ponsa in 1997 and in the absense of any snooker on the island, I took to golf as a hobby.  I quickly got the bug and within 7 years got down to scratch.  With a passion for teaching dating back to my sales days, I turned Pro immediately when I gained my EGTF Diploma in September 2006 (aged 40) and started teaching friends and family at any golf course where I was able to pay and use the range.

Keen to increase my golf knowledge, I completed the three Golfsmith Clubmaker Training Courses in my first year as a Pro to become a GCA Master Craftsman, and then went on to do my EGTF Masters Course.  I started to build a client base from the ex-pats in Mallorca from personal recommendations.  In my first three years I logged over 1000 coaching hours from self generated clients without a driving range or golf course to be based at.  I attended numerous CPD training days which I found to be excellent and very informative.

In 2009 I went to work with Stewart Craig in my home town Falkirk when the crisis hit Mallorca with a view to moving back home and working full time at Forthview Golf Range where I had done my EGTF courses.  Before I could sell up here in Mallorca though, Golf Santa Ponsa got in touch and asked me to come and work with them as Professional at the private Santa Ponsa II and III where a lot of my clients were shareholders.  I didn’t need to be asked twice!!  I started on 31 March 2010 and have never been busier or happier.

With a golf course to work from and constant exposure to a membership, my lesson diary gets busier and busier.

Why did you become a Teaching Professional?

To make a living doing something I enjoy immensely.

Where do you work?

Golf Santa Ponsa II and III, Mallorca.

Where do you play golf?

Mallorca mainly, the Spanish mainland and Scotland.

What is the best thing about being a Teaching Professional?

Job satisfaction, a client calling me to say ‘it works, thankyou’.

What is the worst thing about being a Teaching Professional?

Travelling to tournaments and being away from the family.

How many lessons do you give during the Summer and Winter?

Mallorca is all year round.  Last year I logged over 1000 hours!

What do you consider is the most important lesson you could give someone and why?

Short game, because that is what will reduce their handicap the quickest.

What is your favourite drill and why?

Railway tracks.  If you guarantee good alignment when practising, you get ACCURATE instant feedback from every shot.

Who is your favourite player and why?

I have to say Sebi Garcia because I coach him, but I also like Martin Kaymer because of his temperament.

Who would be your ideal fourball and why?

Jack Nicklaus because he is the best there has ever been; Colin Montgomerie because he is my hero, and John Daly so I could go on the lash with him afterwards!

Which is the best golf course you have played and why?

Valderrama because it’s steeped in history and immaculately prepared and beautiful.

What is the best and worst experience you have had in golf?

The best experience was Sebi Garcia getting his 2011 European Tour Card at Q school last November.  I honestly can’t think of anything that I could describe as being my worst experience.  Not had it yet and hopefully never will.

What is the best tip you could give a junior golfer?

If you want to hit it further, HIT IT BETTER!!

What’s in the bag?

Snake Eyes Viper Tour Black 9″ Driver Stiff Aldila NV65
Matching 3 wood 14″ and Hybrid 18″
Snake Eyes 675XC & C Forged Irons Dynamic Gold SL Stiff Steel shafts
Callaway X Forged Wedges 52″, 57″ & 62″
Rife Putter

Rozalyn Adams

[box]This edition we are profiling EGTF Professional Rozalyn Adams.  Roz says, “I was first introduced into golf by my mother at the age of 5, and by the time I was 10 it was the one sport that I excelled at.[/box]

I had the opportunity to make it a career at 16, but decided not to at that time and stopped playing seriously.  I found my desire to play again in my mid-forties and was surprised how well I could still play, and soon got down to a 1 handicap and started playing competitive golf and doing well.  This led to me wanting to understand my own swing and brought me into teaching.  Before doing the Diploma Course I had set up my own Clinic as a Beauty Therapist and then specialising in Electrolysis and Laser treatments.”

Where do you work?

I established abcSwingbuild Golf in 2006, based in a high street location in Welling, Kent.  The shop was fitted out with a custom built indoor practice facility using the Vector launch monitor, complete with projector and impact screen.  I had the floor specially contoured as a putting green which worked very well.  The shop was trialed for 18 months to establish the basic parameters for a larger indoor facility, which I am researching at present.

Where do you play golf?

I play at Addington Court GC along with the other Crown golf clubs in the S.E. London area.  These courses are maintained in excellent condition and allow me to play all the different type of shots.

Why did you become a teaching professional?

I believe that golf is a way of life.  It keeps you fit.  It will show up your failings even in the most level headed of people and when you have overcome these, it makes you a stronger person.  It’s sociable and something you can do all your life.  If I can help someone achieve this, I am fulfilling my potential.

What is the best thing about being a teaching professional?

Helping people of all golfing abilities reach their potential.

What is the worst thing about being a teaching professional?

Not being able to teach.

How many lessons do you give in the Summer and the Winter?

At the moment very few as I am in the process of selling my Laser Clinic and resourcing suitable teaching premises.

What do you consider is the most important lesson you could give someone and why?

Not to get frustrated, to be patient.  Why? Because golf is the one sport that you can play all your life and those feelings take away the enjoyment.

What is your favourite drill and why?

Playing with my eyes closed.  It promotes exceptional feel and balance, especially when putting.

Who is your favourite player and why?

Lee Trevino.  He entertained people with his relaxed, jovial style of play.  But even more because he did not have the classic swing and visualised the shape of the shot he wanted to hit and then believed in his ability to play it.

Who would be your ideal fourball and why?

Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino, Anika Soransen and me!  They are the epitome of what’s good in golf and because I would have the chance to learn from the best.

Which is the best Course you have ever played and why?

The Old Course at St Andrews.  There is no other course like it and all the great players have made their mark there.  When you reach the 18th hole, drive at the clock, walk up the vast fairway over ‘Granny Clarke’s Wynd’ and get ready to hit your approach to the famous 18th green just beyond the valley of sin, your heart will be thumping, and if you succeed in hitting your ball to the heart of the green you will be acknowledged by an applause from a small crowd of golfing enthusiasts who are always there watching.

What’s the best and worst experience you have had in golf?

Playing for England.  When you wear the uniform of your Country it’s a special feeling.  The worst was when I played in the Armature Ladies British Open at Princes GC in Kent a few years ago.  The wind was gusting around 30mph and the rain was hitting us sideways.  My caddy had to hold the umbrella horizontally while I gripped the club and then whip it away at the last minute before I swung the club.

Do you still strive to improve standards?


What’s the best tip you could give a junior golfer?

Whenever you practice or play, never get frustrated or lose your temper.  Golf is a game of fun, enjoy it.

What’s in the bag?

Roz Newport

EGTF Golf Professional Roz Newport

My clubs consist of two Drivers, a 9.0′ and a 10.5′ depending on the wind and the roll available.  I have a 3 Wood which has a low kick point for getting those fairway shots up in the air and I grip down the shaft to make this a 5 Wood.  I then have a 9 Wood and a 29′ rescue club which gives me mid range flexibility from 150-175 yards to attack the green from the fairway and the light rough.  My Irons go from 5 to 9 and are custom made with Nippon pro lightweight steel shafts for control and accuracy.  I have four Wedges to choose from and will either play all of them and drop my 5 Iron or play 3 Wedges and keep the 5 Iron depending on the course I am playing.  I have three putters to choose from.  Two are standard weight but vary in design and the third has 80g of lead powder in the bottom of the shaft for playing slow greens.

When I am teaching I carry two 9 irons (LH & RH) and a putter.  If my pupil is a junior I have two purpose made junior 9 irons of varying length and a junior putter.  I also have a number of shafts without heads to use as alignment aids etc.  I also have a putting rail which is a great tool to help teach accuracy in putting.  Lots of extra long tee pegs are a simple way of setting up fun drills.

Gary Stangoe

[box]This edition we are profiling EGTF Professional Gary Stangoe.  Gary became a teaching professional in July 2008 when he completed the EGTF Diploma Course.  He now works at Costessey Park Golf Club in Norwich.[/box]

Why did you become a Teaching Professional?

It was more of a necessity than anything else.  We wanted to promote golf to beginners and weren’t getting much response from PGA Professionals to take up a self-employed coaching role at the Club.  We believed there was enough interest for such a role and I decided to do the job myself.  Within three months of completing the EGTF Diploma Course, I was teaching thirty-five hours a week!

Where do you play golf?

Costessey Park Golf Club in Norwich, where I work.

What is the best thing about being a Teaching Professional?

Helping people of all ages and abilities get more enjoyment from the game.

What is the worst thing about being a Teaching Professional?

Is there one?  Seriously, look at what everyone else does for a living!

How many lessons do you give in the Summer and the Winter?

Within 3 months of completing the Diploma Course I was teaching 35 lessons a week.  We have no covered facilities here so I’m restricted for Winter coaching, but I’m fortunate as I have other responsibilities at the Club so I have a wage coming in.

What do you consider is the most important lesson you could give someone and why?

That if you get your set up right and then take the club away properly in the first quarter of the swing, there is a much greater chance of it returning to the ball properly, allowing you to hit a good shot.  That goes for beginners up to plus handicaps.  G.A.A.S.P. is so important.

What is your favourite drill and why?

Any drill which helps someone improve.  The feedback they give you at the point they feel an improvement is so rewarding.

Who is your favourite player and why?

Sandy Lyle.  At his best even Tiger would have struggled to beat him.  Pure raw talent.  Sadly the 1-iron has disappeared from the game now, but no-one could hit the ball like him.  It was a joy to see him do so well at last year’s Masters.

Who would be your ideal fourball and why?

Sandy obviously, Moe Norman (who died recently) undoubtedly the best ball striker ever but a complex character, and Kirsty Gallagher for obvious reasons!  If you’ve never heard of Moe Norman, look up the various stories about him on the net, fascinating stuff.

Which is the best golf course you have ever played and why?

I’m fortunate to have played many top courses but Muskoka Bay in Ontario, Canada is the best.  Perfect in every way.

What’s the best and worst experience you have had in golf?

The worst is easy, having to talk to people regarding their cheating!  It’s just pointless.  The best, I’ve had lots of great times, but have to say watching my little boy Brodie (2 1/2 years old) swinging a club, now takes some beating!

Do you still strive to improve standards?

Yes, you must.  I recently attended a session with Dr Paul Hurrion and Gel Golf and felt like a child in a sweet shop!  I learned a lot and just couldn’t wait to put it into practice and improve what I could offer my students.

What’s the best tip you could give a junior golfer?

To have patience.  Whether that is on the golf course waiting to play shots, on the practice ground or in their overall improvement.  They all want it too quickly!

What’s in the bag?

New Wilson Smooth 9.5 degree Drive Fujikura 360 Stiff Shaft
Wilson 15 degree 3 wood V2 stiff
Wilson 19.5 degree Fybrid V2 stiff
Wilson 3-PW C17 Irons V2 stiff
Wilson TW9 52 and 58 degree wedges (a lot of Harrington’s kit!)
Gel Golf Paul Hurrion signature Sedo putter
I also have a 31 inch Gel Putter for demo’s and a Gel Golf Putter Fitting Tool
Gel Golf Putting Mirror
ProStance Teaching Aid
Extended club for chipping practice and a Driver and 8-Iron fitted with UST tempo trainer shafts.  I have other aids as well but these are the most common ones that I use

Betty Sworowski

[box]This edition we are profiling EGTF Professional Betty Sworowski and below you will find an update on what Betty has achieved so far in her new golf teaching career.[/box]

Betty was born in Ecclesfield, a small village outside Sheffield, South Yorkshire.  She says, “This is where I grew up with my parents and older brother.  My brother is the reason why I am so competitive.

My athletics days ended in 1992, immediately after the Barcelona Olympics.  Injuries prevented me going on to achieve future goals in marathon running.  I then decided to try golf which my husband was already playing and he became my first aim.  Within a short period of time I achieved my goal and I was totally hooked on my newfound sport.  My next aim had to be my brother who was playing off a handicap of 12 at the time.  This was a real satisfying feeling when I managed to beat him.

Betty's Son Steven Sworowski

My son Steven was becoming interested in the sport and I could see he had a very good swing, so I wanted to help him the best I could.  I saw the EGTF advert on a wall calendar in our Pro Shop and decided I would give it a go for Steven’s benefit.  My teaching ability has since developed beyond anything I ever imagined.  I now have regular adult students and a large junior academy which I run every week.”

When did you qualify for the EGTF?

In July 2007 at Trethorne Golf Club, Cornwall.

Where do you work?

Day job as an Accountant.  Evenings and Saturdays I teach at Windsor Driving Range (formerly Loxley Driving Range) 3 nights per week and all day Saturday with my BYG junior academy.

Where do you play golf?

Wath Golf Club in Rotherham.

What is the best thing about being a Teaching Professional?

Watching people improve with my guidance – such a satisfying feeling.

What is the worst thing about being a Teaching Professional?

Teaching in winter when the temperature is freezing.

How many lessons do you give in the Summer and the Winter?

Approx 15 during the week (evenings only) and 3 junior academy lessons on a Saturday.

What do you consider is the most important lesson you could give someone and why?

The setup position – The grip, stance, the posture, the aim and alignment.  Without the basic setup position, the student doesn’t have a solid foundation to build on.

What is your favourite drill and why?

The two ball drill.  I believe once the setup position is correct, the next most important part is the first quarter of the swing.  This drill helps get it right.

Who is your favourite player and why?

Male – Sergio Garcia, not only is he a brilliant player, but is always immaculately dressed!  Not afraid to smile when playing – has a good sense of humour.  Female – Lorena Ochoa, it just goes to show you don’t have to have an orthodox swing to be No. 1.  She also looks very petite, and so am I.

Who would be your ideal fourball and why?

Sergio Garcia, Laura Davies and Henrik Stenson – wow!  What a laugh that would be.

Which is the best course you have ever played and why?

There are too many to choose from, but I really enjoyed Grand Cypress in Florida – just for the immaculate condition.

What’s the best and worst experience you have had in golf?

Best – hole in one this year at Oulton Hall, Leeds, 6th hole.  Worst – playing bad.

Why did you become a teaching professional?

To help my son Steven develop his game.

Do you still strive to improve standards?

Yes, always!  My next aim will be to complete the EGTF Masters Course.  I am hungry for more knowledge, but other things in life sometimes take priority.

What’s the best tip you could give a junior golfer?

To get as much enjoyment out of golf as you can and if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, with a smile!

What’s in the bag?
Taylor Made Driver, Woods and Irons (4-PW)
3 Snake Eye Wedges 51, 56 & 60 degree
Ping Craze-e Putter Balls – Titleist Pro v1 unless I’m going for the longest drive, then it’s any distance ball 🙂
For Teaching – I use the ProStance and Leaderboard for balance.  Impact stickers.  An extension rod for the butt end of the club to aid the correct swing path.  A grip aid to ensure the hands are on the club correctly.  A left handed club for complete beginners.
For Putting – putting rail, putting mirror, putting lines.  Reduced hole insert and the oval putting ball.  I love golf aids, it makes teaching more fun for the student, especially kids.

The Driving Range BEFORE

“Within a few weeks of qualifying I had the opportunity of working from a driving range as their sole Professional.  It was a case of ‘being in the right place at the right time’.  I couldn’t believe my luck as the existing pro was about to go and work abroad leaving a vacant position.  I have a daytime job as an Accountant, therefore this was going to be my ‘paid’ evening interest.

As a newly qualified EGTf Pro with no experience of teaching whatsoever, I felt like a fish out of water, but something was telling me to go for it.  There was only one thing holding me back and that was giving up my amateur status.  As an ex-athlete and Olympian from the Barcelona Olympics, giving up the competition side of my new sport was a very difficult decision to make.  Competing is in my blood whether it be athletics, golf or even tiddly winks, I would always go out to win!

The Driving Range AFTER

I felt like my emotions were pulling me two ways, one was to go with my new found qualification and build up on the teaching experience that Bill had taught me, or keep within my comfort zone and continue competing at my club which I had been doing for the past 10 years.  I still couldn’t decide between them, so I did both!  I taught for the first four months for free and asked my pupils if they would like to donate a token amount to the Alzheimer’s charity.  This allowed me to keep my amateur status, gain some experience, build up a good client base and decide if teaching was for me.

The end result was – I LOVED IT!  I have not looked back.  I now have a children’s academy held on a Saturday and I teach adults on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

Betty's Young Golfers - The Black Team

My BYG (Betty’s Young Golfers) Academy has been a huge success.  See www.byggolfschool.co.uk

I wrote 5 levels of Achievement and both the kids and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Each team is given a binder with the first level of information, a free baseball cap and a goody bag.  My main emphasis is ‘fun’ with plenty of competitions, prizes and well done stickers!!  A child’s smiling face on the way home is a satisfying achievement for me.

As my confidence grew with the kids and vice versa, I decided to organise a team competition on a local par 3 course.  This really did test my organisational skills but thankfully the test was a success.  All 22 children really enjoyed turning their lesson practice into reality and ALL want the competition to be repeated this year.

I have now written 4 more levels of Achievement at an Advanced level due to start at the end of April.  I am proud to say all but 3 of my original beginners are coming back – I must be doing something right!

Betty's Young Golfers - Golf is played for FUN!

The range has been renamed by the new owner from Loxley Driving Range to Windsor Driving Range and renovated to a modern standard.

I am now looking forward to the spring and summer months to improve on my newfound experience and improve my own game….and winning of course!

A special thank you to Bill Abbott for helping me achieve all what I have done so far.  Greatly appreciated Bill.”

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