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Hi Tec CDT Powershoes

It seems appropriate with Padraig Harrington’s win in the Open Championship, that we have a look at the footwear that propelled him to that title.

The Hi Tec CDT Power Shoes were developed by our own Dr Paul Hurrion especially for Padraig, to enable him to create more stability and resistance in the golf swing.
The research into creating the first truly performance based golf shoe was carried out by Paul and the Quintic Consultancy team with help from Hi Tec and Padraig, and revolved around sports biomechanics to ensure the product was more functional than fashionable.

Percentage of golfers who improved the consistency and accuracy of their shots using a 5-iron during testing. 88%

Percentage of golfers who said that during testing they felt they were hitting the ball further. 100%

The Results

Average ball speed achieved by Padraig wearing existing golf shoes and conventional metal cleats. 166mph

Average ball speed achieved by Padraig wearing the new CDT Power cleats. 173mph

Paul’s team used high speed cameras and RS footscan technology to analyse many golf swings, so they could produce a shoe that held the feet in place throughout the swing, and made sure that the torsional forces generated were delivered in the right places, creating a more stable and efficient platform from which to swing.

The position of the studs, the flex grooves in the sole and the outer dams have all been specifically designed with 21st century sports science in mind.

Bill Abbott says: “I have worn CDT Power Shoes for some time and although to begin with they do feel a little clumpy, you soon get over this feeling as you begin to notice the stability and power you feel when you swing”.

The Hi Tec CDT Power Shoes are the first of their kind and have since led to many manufacturers to start to look at what their shoes actually deliver in terms of performance.  Golf these days is an athletic sport and footwear should reflect this.

The leaps that Paul Hurrion and the people involved with CDT shoes have made, has revolutionised the golf footwear market.

For more information on the CDT Power golf shoes, log onto www.cdtpower.com

Padraig Harrington wearing CDT Super Power Tour Shoes

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