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RS 1 Tee

Play a better game with the RS 1 Tee!

RS 1 Basic is the latest product of the Company RS1.  The golf tee has been developed from a special polymer and is as good as “unbreakable”!

What can be improved on a tee? A lot, like the innovative RS 1 tee proves.

Not only does the design convince by its straight shape and distinct lines, what makes the RS 1 tee really interesting is its performance. With the RS 1 tee there are no more varying driving highs or leap off balls.

The resistance at the driver shot is reduced and no more perceptible. This enables farther range.

No more resistance further means: no deviation and therefore no side turns or diversion of the ball, which often happens using the conventional tee´s.

RS 1 Golf Tee

The RS 1 Golf Tee

The RS 1 tee was developed by professional golf players, and it will definitely improve the game of a professional and a beginner.

The simple handling enables an outstanding contact of ball and club. The player can concentrate on the essential – the drive! Because of a smooth surface the RS 1 tee is easily inserted in the ground and ‘reusable’ which saves costs.

Help your customers to improve their game by using the RS 1 tee!
Overview of the most important advantages:

  • No varying driving height
  • No more resistance at the drivershot – farther range, no deviation of the ball
  • Outstanding ball-club contact
  • Reusable which saves costs
  • Easy insertion because of smooth surface
  • Conform with DGV / R&S / USGA golf regulations

You can get the RS1 Tee in height 80mm, 73mm, 62mm and following colours: white, yellow, green, pink, blue, red

For more information contact Klaus Richter on  0049 163 170 1066  – Email: info@rs1tees.de

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