Pro Courtesy Information

Professional Courtesy

One of the perks of being an EGTF member is with a bit of prior warning and good manners members are able to receive courtesy or discounted green fees.

These are always at the discretion of the club and not a guarantee.

We recommend contacting and asking if they offer Professionals courtesy of the course either by phone or email. We have found contacting the manager or secretary gets better results than speaking with the shop PRO.

When you are with a group or bringing other paying customers your chances increase significantly, but still remains the clubs right to refuse. Some clubs have a “PGA” only members policy. If that is the case be polite, aiding the chance this policy will change in the future.

We have been lucky enough to receive free or discounted fees all over the world and know that many members already utilise this fantastic opportunity, with proper planning this can be a welcome addition to any golf trip.

If allowed courtesy of the course, then a polite thank you in person, by phone or email will go a very long way for yourself and other members in the future.

Remember to always carry your Professional teaching card with you!

We hope this information helps and we can start to compile a list of places that grant discounts under the right circumstances.

Please do forward on to us any courses you have been granted access and we shall include them into our database to share with members.

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