Swing Smart Golf Analyser

There are a number of swing analysers on the market these days, allowing golf teachers to gather some technical data to help with the delivery of their teaching lessons.  Most people know of Trackman and Flightscope, Doplar radar systems which track the flight of the ball and give high end information to the coach. Unfortunately these systems are very expensive (between £8,000 – £20,000), and out of most teaching professional’s reach.  But in the last few years, some different devices have come onto the market that at least give us access to some good technical data to pass onto our students. 

Swing Smart Golf Analyser is a new device for 2014, shown at the recent PGA show in Orlando.  It attaches to the golf club just below the grip, and bluetooths to a smartphone or tablet.  The information it gives out, ranges from clubhead speed, attack angle, clubface at impact, face to path and a few more.   It works for full swing, short game and putting, so it is a multi-tasking piece of equipment.

I have been testing one for a few weeks now, and have found it to be very useful, with the information received for the teacher  and the student  creating some interaction for progression, and along with  the excellent visual graphics it gives you, it makes for a solid piece of equipment for teaching. The data that comes out of Swing Smart is very accurate and I think it would be an excellent addition to any lesson programs the teachers give.

Paul Reed is the European agent for Swing Smart and has offered EGTF members the opportunity to purchase the Swing Smart device at trade, less 40%.

Retail prices will be around £199

£110 (trade price) -40% = £66 + VAT (where applicable) + post and packing of £6 UK/£10 EU. Delivery to other international locations quoted on application.

There is also an option to sell units onto your students and get a 20% commission on each unit.

Please contact Paul Reed for more information about the deal.

Call or email: Paul Reed 07754 154619  / 
The PDF promotional brochures are in the EGTF members section and also in our Dropbox folder.



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