Quintic Consultancy have been in the computer analysis software business for many years now and their products are used in many sports around the world.  The company was developed by Dr Paul Hurrion, one of the foremost Biomechanics experts in the golf world, and also a member of the EGTF.

Bill Abbott says, ‘the software is extremely good and I have used it for the last eight years in the EGTF courses and in my own coaching.  I have always found it to be a first class product.’

‘I was up at Paul’s putting lab recently, where he was showing me the new Quintic Ball Roll Analysis program, and I must say it was very impressive.  When you can show people the launch angle of their putts, sideways spin, amount of forward roll, any backspin produced and much more, then I am sure they are going to be very impressed.  If you are going to take putting seriously and want to offer your students something extra, then have a look at the Quintic Ball Roll Software.’

The following prices are available to EGTF Professionals for Quintic Products:

Quintic Ball Roll Software – £4,950 (includes 200 frames per second camera, mounting platform for the camera, floodlight for indoor use)

Quintic Biomechanics v17 – £1,500 + VAT (the top video analysis program on the market)

Quintic Coaching v17 – £575 (recommended for most coaches, it has everything you will ever need to give video lessons)

Quintic Sports – £195 (an entry level package, but still a very good program and a good way into video coaching) – no VAT on download from web.

Quintic are also an official retailer for the Casio EX F1 high speed video camera.  New to the market last year, it provides capture speeds of 300/600/1200 frames per second, which for coaching is fantastic (almost like the super slow motion you see on the TV)


Contact Quintic for the latest prices on this superb new camera. Email:

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